Serve premium customers instantly and increase your revenue by at least 20%.

buksalon increases revenue

how buksalon works


1. List Salon

Fill out the form and talk to our team about our mutual requirements to get your store listed on our platform.

2. List Services

Choose the services you want to offer for online booking and the pricing for those services. The flexibility of choice is totally yours.

3. List Salon Staff

List your staff so that customers can select specific staff to serve them. You will get detailed reports.

4. Accept Bookings

You can then accept bookings for appointments online. You will know exactly what your day will look like and you can use your time for other things4

5. Accept Payments

While this is optional, you can collect payments for bookings online. This will give you better accountability.

6. Serve Customers Instantly

Admit, verify and serve people with confirmed bookings

Transparent salon management


In today’s age, accurate statistics are vital to understand a business and to help you make realistic projections for the future. We will help you salon generate transparent and detailed reports of your salon operations. From experience, a fully functional salon on our platform can help checkmate employee performance.

  • Detailed Reports of Customer Engagement
  • Automated SMS and Email Reminders
  • Expense Paid Vacation & Salon Equipment Set**for selected individuals with the highest bookings in a year

Most salons increase their revenue by 20%


Our user research shows that people are willing to pay more if they are offered prompt service. Salons that honour this agreement to serve customers who book for their services through our platform usually charge at least 20% more than their regular prices. And because we are here to help you and your salon win, we also share market insight for you to increase the value and quality of your services.

  • Offer multiple services
  • Offer haircare products
  • Trainings and tips on etiquette and customer service

what salon owners are saying about buksalon

Salons love us, find out why

I was skeptic at first. After trying it out I love it and it has helped me to plan and manage my salon.


I can now send my customers emails and SMS to notify them of new services. This has allowed me to increase my revenue.

Madam Sharon

I have been looking for a way to manage my staff and this platform gives me a transparent do that.


I love the fact that people can now find my salon online, it has brought more customers for me.

Mrs Kevwe


Fill Form

We will give you a seamless way to manage your salon at no cost. We take care of the background operations while you focus on serving your customers. Fill out the form with the basic details of your salon and your contact details.

Talk With Rep

After reviewing your details, our representative will contact you to provide more details about how to list your salon and collect the specific details and services that your salon would accept bookings for.


Salon Gets Listed

We list your salon on our platform and you can start accepting bookings and enjoy all the benefits associated with your listing. We provide support when you need additional services and tips to increase the revenue of your salon.